Nyfosa Finland is renamed - the Kielo brand expands throughout Finland

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The strongly grown real estate company Nyfosa Finland, owned by Nyfosa and Brunswick Real Estate, will be known as Kielo in the future.

Kielo is a Finnish real estate owner with over 90 properties in Finnish growth centers. Kielo has previously been familiar in Jyväskylä and Lappeenranta. Now the brand is expanding nationwide.

The company has made significant growth over the past three years and expanded its portfolio in key regional cities in Finland. The 700-million-euro size has been achieved in less than two years instead of the targeted five years. Growth will continue with a diversified portfolio from both the property types and locations perspective.

“We see growth potential especially in university cities and we have invested diversely across Finland. We have made significant growth in recent years and our intention is to continue the same path. We develop our current targets and invest in new properties. In addition to offices, we are currently looking at the possibilities within industrial, warehouse and retail properties,” says CEO Hanna Rauhala.

In the real estate industry, local knowledge is important, and Kielo strongly invests in local service. At the same time, the expertise, reliability and opportunities to develop properties of a stable national operator are available to all customers.

In addition to buying new targets, Kielo invests in its existing properties. The premises or lease must be easily adaptable as needs the location and functionalities of the property be intact. Kielo develops its existing properties on all responsibility metrics. Customers and partners are actively part of the positive change that extends to the properties, the environment and everyday life