By Brunswick

By Brunswick is our way of working and our role as a trusted partner and employer. 

We are a boutique partner driven by entrepreneurship. Together with our clients and partners, we create tailor-made companies based on the needs of people and places.

That is how we create meaningful change and measured impact.

The way we work

We team up and co-invest with capital partners around the world to build independent, sustainable investments – platforms. When we identify an attractive opportunity, we make it happen – quickly.

As an employer

We always welcome the best ideas and proposals, no matter who they come from. We want everyone to feel confident and to dare to challenge and dare to trust their own analysis. That is how we stay entrepreneurial and continuate to innovate.

As a partner

We are reliable, trustworthy and we dare to challenge our partners based on data driven analysis and expertise. Through our expertise we offer a knowledge platform for value creation and sustainability to all our stakeholders. We take ownership and treat all investments as our own.



“What is By Brunswick, what is our DNA? Well it is how we work, our way of working. It is how we are as a partner, how do we relate to the third party companies that we work with and lastly and most importantly, how do we relate to each other at Brunswick and who are we as an employer.”


– Patrik Andersson, CEO, Brunswick Real Estate

We team up and co-invest with investors around the world to build independent, sustainable investment platforms.

Measuring ESG success

We measure the impact of our actions. Each property company has it’s unique sustainability strategy based on our core focus areas:
7 focus areas
Greenhouse gas emissions
Kg CO2e/m2/year
Renewable energy
Kg sorted or recycled waste / total waste
Healthy construction materials
Material classifications
Energy use
Environmental governance, e.g. certifications or green financing
% of portfolio
5 focus areas
Indoor climate
Concentration of CO2
Tenant health and wellbeing
Tenant surveys
Tenant security
Reported incidents
Tenant safety and satisfaction
Tenant surveys
Healthy construction materials
Classification of materials
4 focus areas
Unemployment rate
Community safety
Safety surveys
Voter participation
Voter turnout
Financial vulnerability
% population on financial assistance

The Brunswick footprint

36 Projects
Number of completed sustainability projects
Saved energy in gigawatt hours
Cumulated energy savings from energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects
240 GWh
80 %
Property companies with carbon accounting
Climate accounting is a yearly recurring calculation of CO2-emissions in Scope 1, 2 & 3 as per Green House Gas-protocoll (GHG).
Total CO2 emissions saved
Savings based on country specific grid emission factors
29 600 CO2 tonnes
€ 3.0
Billion AUM
Property companies

Curious to find out more?

At Brunswick we are always interested to get in touch with people who can help us develop further. Perhaps you have a great idea? Get in touch.

Patrik Andersson CEO Brunswick / Partner +46 76 871 00 22