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Your go-to partner into the Nordic real estate market.

We build independent, sustainable investment platforms, focused on identified investment strategies. We do this by working closely with Nordic and international investors, in collaboration with our Local Partners.

Our philosophy

Creating value isn’t just about strong financial returns. It’s about making a positive impact on our society and environment.

That’s at the heart of our business — and how we create meaningful change and measurable impact in our investments.

Measuring ESG success

We measure the impact of our actions. Our focus areas are:


7 focus areas

Greenhouse gas emissions
Kg CO2e/m2/year
Energy use
Renewable energy
Kg sorted or recycled waste / total waste
Environmental governance, e.g. certifications or green financing
% of portfolio
Healthy construction materials
Material classifications


5 focus areas

Indoor climate
Concentration of CO2
Tenant safety and satisfaction
Tenant surveys
Tenant health and wellbeing
Tenant surveys
Healthy construction materials
Classification of materials
Tenant security
Reported incidents


4 focus areas

Unemployment rate
Voter participation
Voter turnout
Community safety
Safety surveys
Financial vulnerability
% population on financial assistance

Our services

We acquire, transform, and make buildings better for everyone. We take total responsibility throughout the life cycle of our investments.

Our dynamic approach is built on specialist know-how and close collaboration with Local Partners, when needed. We combine smart investment management with hands-on asset and property management.

Our Local Partners are key to making successful and sustainable investments

Long-term partnerships. Entrepreneurial local partners.

We believe in long-term partnerships based on mutual benefit.

That’s why our local partners are offered incentives or co-investments in the properties they manage. The more time and commitment they give to the properties, the more the properties’ value develops and local community benefits.

Our Local Partners contribute:

Local Knowledge

  • Strong market insights
  • Close relationships with tenants


Specialised Competencies

  • Extensive real estate expertise
  • Active management and on-the-ground presence


Sustainable Impact

  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Increased social contributions

Our investors

We team up and co-invest with investors around the world to build independent, sustainable investment platforms.

We’re flexible, finding solutions that work with our investors’ time horizon, return requirements, and risk appetite.

When we identify an attractive opportunity, we make it happen — quickly.

Company Properties


Regio is a property company focusing on commercial properties in Sweden’s fastest-growing regional cities with a total AUM of EUR 1.5 billion.

We manage Regio on behalf of the Third National Swedish Pension Fund (AP3).


The Fersen mandates include commercial portfolios across Sweden, Finland and Estonia with a total AUM of EUR 600 million.

We manage the investments on behalf of Partners Group, after the first secondaries deal in the Nordics.


Bohild is a long term property owner focused on residential and community service properties in Swedish growth cities. We work with a variety of energy efficiency solutions in order to significantly lower the properties’ CO2 footprint.

Länsförsäkringar is a co-investor in Bohild.

Vanda 3

Vanda 3 is a 63,000 sqm high-quality and flexible mixed-use property in Akalla, Stockholm.

We manage Vanda 3 on behalf of Barings.


Hemmaplan invests in and develops urban commercial centres to drive meaningful and measurable social change for the better.

Hemmaplan is a co-owned company, founded 2021 by us and Bonnier Fastigheter.

Nyfosa Finland

Nyfosa Finland focuses on Finnish regional cities, and invests in all asset classes except residential.

The target is to build up a property portfolio of approximately SEK 7 billion within five years.

We manage Nyfosa Finland on behalf of Nyfosa.


Lindu Ejendomme is a Danish real estate company focused on last mile logistics and light industrial properties in Greater Copenhagen and Jutland.

We manage Lindu on behalf of Pictet.

Functional responsibilities

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Chief Executive Officer
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David Hävermark
Business Development
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Kristina Agild
Talent Management & HR
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Sara Svedjedal
Innovation & Communication
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Emil Haraldsson
Group CFO
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Mathias Vuorelma
Transactions | Finland
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