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Brunswick Real Estate Provides Fabege AB (publ) with MSEK 1,600 (MEUR 160) Green Financing

Debt, Press Release

Brunswick Real Estate provides a MSEK 1,600 (MEUR 160) green loan with just over nine year term to Fabege. The financing is backed by a centrally located office block in Stockholm.

Fabege is a leading real estate company specialized in offices in the Stockholm metropolitan area. The company is a very strong counterparty from an asset management and ownership perspective, and one of the leaders in real estate with regards to ESG work. The company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and have a credit rating of Baa3 from Moody’s.

The loan is backed by the office property Apotekaren 22, centrally located in Stockholm and owned by Fabege since 2007. As part of Fabege’s focus on sustainability, the performance of the building has been improved and is currently in a certification process with the target to shortly obtain a BREEAM In-Use Very Good classification.

Åsa Lind, Head of Treasury at Fabege, said:
“With this financing we have established a relationship with an additional lender outside of the traditional financing market, which is a natural step in diversifying the company’s capital providers. The green aspects and the long duration of the loan were key characteristics when deciding to do this loan.”

Aksel Lundquist, Fund Manager at Brunswick Real Estate, said:
“Environmental aspects are becoming increasingly important and it is a key focus for the Investment Management business within Brunswick as well as for our investors. We are thrilled to provide the fund’s first green loan to Fabege – a leader within the field.”

Brunswick Real Estate held the final close of its second real estate debt fund in the Nordics in June 2018, thereby reaching over SEK 10 billion (MEUR 1,000) under management. The past year has been very active for Brunswick and this is the second fund’s 10th investment since inception. Brunswick continues to see a high demand for direct lending as borrowers need to diversify capital sources and increase loan terms.

For more information please contact:
Pontus Sundin
CEO, Brunswick Real Estate Debt
t. +46 73 089 97 12

Brunswick Real Estate is one of the Nordic region’s leading investors in the Nordic real estate market, with an offer including investment management through real estate investment and debt financing. The team comprises about 50 people in Stockholm, Helsinki and London.

Brunswick Real Estate Capital is an investment adviser to Brunswick Real Estate Capital, FCP-SIF (the “Fund” or “Brunswick Real Estate Capital II”), an unincorporated co-proprietorship of investments organized in the form of a mutual fund with multiple compartments/Sub-funds governed by the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg which has obtained the authorisation of the Luxembourg Supervisory Commission of the Financial Sector. Crestbridge Management Company S.A. is appointed as an external alternative investment fund manager to the Fund.