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Brunswick Real Estate to merge the group’s operations under one brand

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Stockholm, February 22, 2017
Leimdörfer, Sveafastigheter and Brunswick Real Estate Capital will bring together its total offering under the brand Brunswick Real Estate. The name-change will take place effectively in March 2017 when all Swedish operations also will relocate to a joint office in Stockholm.

Since 2014, the three companies have been part of the same group and have now decided to create a company with offerings in real estate related investment banking (transaction advisory, research and fund raising) and Investment Management (asset management with a focus on credit financing and real estate investments).

The current Leimdörfer will be the company’s Investment Banking arm, while Brunswick Real Estate Capital and Sveafastigheter together form the business area Investment Management.

Through the collective knowledge and experience of the employees in Stockholm, Malmö, Helsinki, Copenhagen and London, Brunswick Real Estate will be a complete partner for both Nordic and international investors focusing on real estate in the Nordic region.

Peter Leimdörfer, Partner Brunswick Real Estate, Stockholm

“The Nordic real estate market has come a long way in the 25 years that have passed since we started Leimdörfer. I look forward to a new chapter where we can provide innovative options for our investors through a fully developed offer that spans from transaction advice and research to real estate investments and credit financing. ”

Martin Wiwen-Nilsson, Partner, Brunswick Real Estate, London

“Through continuous dialogue with our substantial network of global investors we can conclude that the strong interest in the Nordic property market prevails. Brunswick Real Estate has a strong international reputation and by merging the companies under one brand, we now broaden our offer to become an even more relevant partner. “